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"Two Pandemics, One Humanity" A tribute to my grandmother who was killed by the last major pandemic 100 years ago.

"100 years later amid the insanity,

Let's fight this war with the same HUMANITY .... 

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Participated in a fun on-line challenge to quickly do a lock down song - hence the "Isolation Blues" 

About Brian

Brian Thomas is an Australian based singer, songwriter and guitarist

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Birchgrove NSW 2041, Australia

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Recording New Video

Over sixty wonderful, warm friends got together on the weekend in February to sing the chorus and help film a new music video and song that describes in music my experience with depression. My heartfelt thanks to all that attended and those who are supporting me in other ways. There was a lot of love and joy in that room. Please keep a look out for the video and the new song edit over the next few weeks. Just a photo for now. 

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Deep Awake Studio©️
Music Production. Recording, Editing, Mixing & Mastering. 

CMV ©️
Music Video 
Recording, Production & Editing


My tribute to our firies


Second single "Digging It Up" released

A blues based song about reconciling with the past 

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First single "Fake It Til You Make It" released

Very excited to release my first single, a song about coping with and beating depression

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